Helping companies build their innovation portfolio in the modern landscape.

Innovating is the only way to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive and constantly changing digital space.

At Glo-cal, our team of technical experts backed with years of industry experience will help your business mitigate risk, increase compliance, control costs, and attract top and loyal customers. With our skills and knowledge, Glo-cal shall be your digital  transformation partner to help you adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Technology Partners

We bring an extensive portfolio of business technology solutions.

Our unique approach and deep knowledge put you on the path to true innovation. Powered by research, perspectives and practical skills, we help clients transform their business ecosystems by leveraging our capabilities in infrastructure, data management, cloud, analytics, and security paradigms. We define our client’s overall transformation strategy, working to shape a plan of action designed to deliver long-term and overall business objectives.

Core Competencies


Network & Information Security

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Compute, Storage & Virtualization

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Data Management & Business Continuity

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Business Applications

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