Making IT work for your business

With a proven track record and 16 years of experience, Glo-cal has helped clients take control of their IT to become more secure, compliant, and efficient with their operations.

Glo-cal provides a high level of end-to-end service and support. We analyze, design, implement, manage, and support flexible enterprise data center solutions for our clients.

Our team is composed of highly qualified and certified engineers to help businesses drive projects and initiatives to completion and realize optimal return on their IT investments


Implementation Services

We install, configure and customize the software components of our solution. Equipped with proven methodologies and guided by a project management plan, Glo-cal works closely with your team to deploy, test and integrate technologies with your existing systems. We also provide knowledge transfer and complete documentation to facilitate a smooth transition.


Consulting Services

We work with your company to formulate a strategy or design a solution to bring your IT resources into agreement with your business needs. Our team of experts is capable of devising a full-scale IT plan to either modernize your existing IT or introduce new digital technologies.

Security And Risk Assessments

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses. New threats are constantly developing in our world today. Glo-cal helps you strengthen a virtual security perimeter and reduce the threat of data-loss within your organization. We know what it takes to mitigate the risk and we provide analysis, prevention and remediation solutions.

Software Selection

Are you assessing new applications to support your organization? Software selection is among the most complex & important IT decisions operating executives make. We evaluate software options and make recommendations from our best-of-the-breed technology solutions so you can make an informed decision on the best choice to meet your needs.

Vulnerability Evaluation

Are you struggling with identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in your environment?

We provide the tools to find weaknesses in your system, networks and web applications Gain insight and take control over your cyber security defense.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

No one likes to think about it, but is your business prepared for a technology disaster?
We assist in defining how your business will function under abnormal circumstances or during an emergency. Glo-cal designs a disaster recovery plan to focus on getting your applications and systems back to normal


Onsite Support / Outsourcing Services

Glo-cal provides various help desk services for businesses. With us, you remain focused on delivering existing organizational operations by ensuring that you are covered by our highly qualified and technically skilled Systems Engineers whenever you need us.

Depending on your requirement, we extend technical support in a number of ways – via phone, email, live chat or video, onsite or as an IT outsource. Extend your team by tapping into our dedicated resources.


Training and Knowledge Transfer

We offer the solutions, the people and the expertise that will help you optimize your projects and ensure that IT plans are executed correctly. We provide the knowledge and direction necessary to design, develop, implement, maintain, support or operate our technology solutions.